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I can empathize with my colleagues when it comes to working with technology. I spent a good chunk of last week creating an example of a simulated message board with annotations for our Demo course for Axio Learning Online. Although it sounds like a very simple task, it has quite a few layers to it. First, you have to create an instructor (at least one, but there can be more) and several students in the course. Then you have to individually log into the Message Board as each person and contribute to the threaded discussion. This takes some time as it is, plus it has to sound and look authentic to a user. My colleague actually created a profile on each student, making it easier to create a different image about each student in the Message Board (typical of what you would expect in a real class).

After the threads were created, I used Captivate to capture screen shots of the message board, then I used the text feature to annotate. The next steps were choosing the color and shape of the text balloons, setting the mouse in the right place, making sure the text balloons were placed appropriately on the page and not obstructing the users view of the video, and making sure all the simulation pieces flowed well together. It's important to make sure this simulation covers all the functions and features available to the student. Once the tutorial is created, there still lies a process of publishing the tutorial and reviewing to see if the text and screen slides are all flowing together in a timely manner.

After several iterations, tweaking, and publishing the files several times out of Captivate and uploading it into Axio Learning Online, I was done. By then I had wasted good two days, though. Working with technology takes time, and if you ask anyone who has created any multimedia before, they would attest to this.

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